ESSAOUIRA – city of winds

(about 170 km from Marrakech on the Atlantic coast)
Enjoy the walks through the narrow streets of Essaouira (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001), whose white houses with blue windows and doors are typical of this city. In the arcaded streets invite countless shops, bazaars, shops, cafes and restaurants to stay. Gorgeous, gorgeous, sandy beach stretches the - as far as the eye. You can walk along the beach for several kilometers - camel riding - surfing ... Well worth seeing is the fishing harbor where wooden ships are still built and renovated. Argan oil is extracted from the fruit of the argan tree. It is used in the catering and cosmetics and is characterized by its golden color, its intense smell and a high content of vitamin E from. The Argan tree only grows in one place in the world: in the southwest of Morocco. Since ancient times, Berber women gain about 30 pounds of fruit of the argan tree in 12 hours of painstaking work one liter of the precious oil. The Argana tree is one of the oldest trees in the world and even longer in danger of extinction. Since it grows only in Morocco and because of the existential significance for the people of the region, the area now, UNESCO has declared a biosphere reserve

Riad Losra - Marrakech, Maroc, breakfast


(about 226 km from Marrakech to Agadir)

Taroudant is located at the foot of a snow- capped peaks of the High Atlas. Because of this background and because of the 6-8 m high mud wall, which surrounds the city, it is also called . The 8 km long city wall was in the early 18th Century on the ruins of the Almohad built.
The arcade-lined Place Assarag is the center of the village. Here there are sidewalk cafes, cheap hotels and bus stations. The labyrinthine maze of souks are one of the most impressive markets of Southern Morocco. They are renowned for silver and copper jewelry and silverware and leather goods. The market days are Thursday and Sunday. Make it a walk through the beautiful olive and orange groves.

Wasserfälle von Ouzoud

Waterfalls of Ouazoud

(about 80 km from Marrakech)

These waterfalls are the highest in North Africa, with a height of over 110 meters, has a remarkable landscape. The main river in Morocco, Oum Errbia has its origins in the mountains of the Middle Atlas. It stretches over 160 km. to the Atlantic


(about 65 km from Marrakech)

From Marrakech we head towards Aghbalou. The road brings us to an altitude of 2650 meters after Oukaimden. From there we can be associated with the highest cable car in Africa on the 3300-meter high ski station .. While we sit comfortably in the chair, surrounds us an unforgettable panorama. Above impress arrived, we rock engravings that can be seen on the red sandstone cliffs. They date from the Bronze Age. Similar to findings from Europe to testify since the existence of a link between two continents

Ourika Valley

(about 35 km from Marrakech)

Beautiful walks inland, you can take out of Marrakech, e.g. a day trip through a gorgeous landscape of the Ourika Valley ("Arika" means "carpet" in Arabic) Our route takes you through the Ourika valley, past the summer residences of some Marrakshis and ends in Oukaimden, the winter sports station, which offers a fantastic panorama

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