Riad Losra - marrokanische Lampe im Herzen der Medina von Marrakesch

Our Riad Losra is allready in the middle of the old town, the medina from marrakech.

Located a short 20 minutes walking distance from the heart of Marrakech, the famous Jamaa el fna square through the exciting streets of the Souks and historic landmarks of the enchanting Red City on of the World Heritage Site.
When you set foot in Riad Losra you step into the comfort and luxury of your own Arabian Nights. You will certainly enjoy the comfort of our 5 spacious rooms (kobba), each furnished in a unique and authentic traditional style.
All rooms have private and modern bathrooms decorated in the best moorish tradition of Tadellakt and Zellige.

chill out in time

You can see international Sat-TV in our saloon. Our comfortable lounge is the place to chill out in time. the right place to read, have a tea and a nice time with the Moroccan flair of 1000 and 1 night.

Riad Losra Marrakech Morrocco

relaxing from daily turns

After a day out in the bustling city, you will enjoy the quiet welcome of the patio (bhou) where you can relax in the lounge to the music of the bubbling fountain and the scent of the orange trees. The terrace offers a stunning view of the Medina and the majestically Atlas mountains in the background.

feel well and enjoy

You can taste the very fine Moroccan kitchen and after reservation specialties like couscous and tajine. Make your choice and feel well with tee and cool drinks. We serve dinner after reservation and so you can enjoy a very tasty evening in our beautiful house.

Riad Losra - Marrakech, Maroc, relax

Riad Losra - Marrakech, Maroc, Hammam

Our hammam

A “hammam” is a traditional Moroccan steam bath or bathing facility that often serves as a social hub and is an integral part of Moroccan culture and way of life. It resembles a Turkish bath and has a long history dating back to the time of the Roman Empire.

Typically, a hammam consists of several heated rooms with varying temperatures. Visitors often start in a warm room to relax and then move to a hot steam room to sweat and thoroughly cleanse themselves. This is followed by a cold shower or plunge to cool the body down.

Hammams are not just places for physical cleansing but also social gathering spots where people come together to chat, relax, and engage in self-care. It’s common for men and women to visit separate hammams, but there are also mixed-gender hammams, especially in tourist areas.

A visit to the hammam is an authentic and relaxing experience, offering insights into Moroccan culture and traditions.

So much for hammam culture … Our Riad Losra Hammam is of course much more personal and only accessible to our guests.

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